Himalayan Fair

We are very excited that the City of Berkeley has approved our request to hold the fair in Live Oak  Park on the third weekend in May. Please save the dates,

May 21st and 22nd, 2022

We are encouraged that our local community has responded so appropriately to the Covid pandemic and we will continue to follow the science. We are optimistic that we will, actually, be able to hold the fair in the spring!

We again offer our heartfelt thanks to those of you who have contributed to our Go Fund Me campaign. Covid has had a serious impact on the fair’s financial state, as our costs have gone up significantly and additional supplies are needed to ensure everyone’s safety while enjoying the fair. We are still quite short of our goal to raise funds needed to launch the fair. If you are able, please contribute.


We wish a healthy new year to all and we cannot wait to see you in May!